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about us

232 ARTWORKS is an interior design and art consultancy company founded in 2013 that blends Graffiti, known as street art, with other branches of contemporary art by adding a modern perspective. We touch the dreams of our corporate and individual customers with a unique understanding of art in many different fields by adding our creativity. Our creative solutions are defined and shaped with a different perspective. Therefore, every work done for different clients is a unique work.

We bring together our knowledge and skills in many areas such as art and creativity. No matter what your dream is, we are bringing together a professional team that will enable you to differentiate yourself by creating customized solutions decoupled from the traditional way of thinking.

Everyone sees the world from their own unique point of view. The same is true for institutions as for individuals. Each of them has its own unique goals and challenges that they have to overcome specifically for them. The scale of the resources at 232 Artworks includes everything that can reflect your world decently by bringing similarities together and highlighting your differences. We do this by redefining ourselves for each of our customers. That's why we are in the diversity of all the different worlds where you need us.

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